Build up a huge prize pool and win big as host or competitor in a one-of-a-kind online gaming contest. Everyone wins with Divergent Tournaments.

Swiss Company
Audited Smart Contracts
Legitimate & Accountable

Host Your Own Online Gaming Contest

For the Players

Are you a gamer? Would you like to earn money while doing what you love? With Divergent Tournaments everybody has a chance to win gaming contests with life-changing prize pools. Not only the few thousand professional esports gamers around the world.

The more participants there are, the greater the prize pool. Join a tournament and win big! You don't have to be afraid of the pros, either – most of the participants are casual gamers like you.

For the Hosts

Monetize your social media influence in a truly fun and ethical way. Host an unforgettable online gaming tournament and win big yourself.

Choose a game, determine the rules of the tournament and set the entry fee. How much of the entry fees will enter the prize pool and how much you will keep for yourself, is up to you.

We Level the Playing Field

When competing, you want to be absolutely sure that the tournament's host is legitimate and all rules are followed. Also you don't want cheaters to win, of course. Without a trusted intermediary you can easily be scammed, since both hosts and competitors can stay anonymous. Especially in the crypto space that happens a lot, unfortunately.

This is where we come in.

Stay safe by using Divergent Tournaments! We leverage the power and transparency of the blockchain to act as a neutral third party and provide the much-needed "trust layer" for online gaming contests. Our smart contract, combined with our community managers and the public nature of the blockchain, makes sure that everything will be transparent and fair.


Swiss Security

Divergent GmbH is a registered Swiss company, so we are a legitimate business and pay taxes – yes, that's actually noteworthy in the crypto space. Also, our smart contracts are always independently audited by trusted auditors.

Our smart contract for Divergent Tournaments ensures everyone is paid and the hosts cannot run off with the competitors' entry fees. Furthermore we act as a trusted third party to ensure the game is fair and the right winners are selected.

Once the tournament is created, the entry fees are locked inside the smart contract. Payout distribution and competitors' wallet addresses are fixed and all transfers are publicly verifiable on the blockchain.

Lastly, we offer multiple anti-cheating mechanisms and will manually review cheating claims before triggering any payouts.