Invest in the development of our products and receive a fixed share of their future revenue in return. Our success is your success.

Swiss Company
Fully Public Transactions
Tax & Law Compliant

Receive a Fixed Share of Our Revenue

Every time we develop a new product, you have the chance to make a so-called inscription with us. Think of it as venture capital or angel investment.

But unlike regular investing, you don't have to wait forever for the business to turn a profit. Instead, you will always receive a fixed percentage of the gross revenue immediately after launch.

Real Products, Real Value

No Ponzi schemes, unfinished games, yet another blockchain or profile pictures. Simple and transparent real-world utility is what we are after.

We do not develop products, which rely on speculative price appreciation or that use late investors as exit liquidity. We are 100% committed to always create a win-win situation for everyone.


Swiss Security

Divergent GmbH is a registered Swiss company based in Zurich, Switzerland. We use blockchain technology to make all transactions fully transparent and are liable in case of misconduct.

The terms set out in our whitepapers are legally binding for us. As long as you can prove ownership of the crypto wallet used for the inscription, you have full rights to the revenue share agreement.

To protect you and us, we only use our self-hosted and highly secure email infrastructure to communicate sensitive details. No Discords or email marketing providers that can be hacked. That way, we limit the possible attack vectors for phishing attacks and keep you a little bit safer.

And one last thing: We will never "rug" – guaranteed.