DAIF: Our Own AI Framework

DAIF is our custom-made AI framework, which we use to realize our projects. DAIF enables us to implement any AI project in the shortest possible time and with high quality. Nonetheless we stay completely flexible and always tailor our approach to the needs and conditions of the project.

As a rule, we start with one of the market-leading AIs and build the desired system. Then we train open-source AIs that run on your own servers. Last but not least, we maximize the system's speed through sparsification of the AI. Our goal is to ensure that all relevant processes and technologies can run without licensing fees and with full data sovereignty at the customer's data center. This prevents dangerous dependencies on third parties and ensures maximum data protection.

Key Features of DAIF

  • Easy integration of a chat interface on any website within 5 minutes
  • Intuitive handling of instructions in natural language
  • Automatic translation and communication in over 100 languages
  • Use of proper AI — not an outdated, rule-based solution
  • Easy scalability
  • Low latency / fast response times
  • Secure synchronization of instructions and data via an app
  • Automatic triggering of chat interface in user-defined situations
  • Completely customizable design with dynamic components (modals etc.)
  • Automatic use of the best AI for your use-case
  • Monitoring and recording of chats and conversations
  • GDPR compliance and possibility of on-premise hosting on your servers

Why Choose Us?

  • Easiest operation and integration
  • No compromise on the quality of conversations
  • On-premise hosting for maximum data protection
  • Unbeatable price, thanks to our innovative optimization processes
  • Complete flexibility — basically any requirement can be implemented
  • We are always on the cutting-edge of research and remain agile
  • Prompt and competent support

Our Technology

  • We utilize the best foundation models, both open-source and proprietary
  • Our own RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) system
  • Our own AI security framework
  • Our own AI testing framework
  • Refined quality assurance system
  • Web Components
  • High-speed vector database
  • Auto-healing/-optimization through evaluation of the logs