DAIF: The only AI API you need

DAIF (Divergent AI Framework) is the ultimate solution for all your AI needs. With our API, you gain a decisive competitive advantage through massive scalability and productivity increases, at very low costs. Our API always utilizes the most powerful large language models and state-of-the-art processes in the background. This way, you always stay at the cutting edge of technology without having to make any adjustments yourself.

Benefit from significant cost and time savings, thanks to our extensive experience with the new generation of AI systems. Our fixed prices per request (or flatrate) ensure full cost transparency and planning security. We host in the EU/Switzerland and enable the use of AI even for sensitive data, thanks to our "no logs"-option.

And best of all, we don't charge anything for the development of the API. We also have a special offer for agencies and consultants.

What can I do with an AI API?

In general, a modern AI is capable of analyzing and creating text, images, audio and video. These capabilities can be used for a variety of use cases, such as:

Automatic Text Analysis
  • Summary and extraction of relevant information from large (including unformatted, messy) text corpora
  • Support in decision-making through precise and rapid analysis of documents and reports
Chatbots as an Alternative User Interface
  • Consultation, search and purchase of products via chatbot
  • Connection to internal systems and external services
  • Intuitive use without app installation
Customer Service Chatbots
  • 24/7 support in many languages
  • Information on order status, changes, cancellations
  • Help with problems or questions about products and services
Intelligent Video Surveillance
  • Automatic detection of events and anomalies
  • Ideal for logistics, warehousing and security applications
  • Real-time alerting of detected incidents
Professional Translations
  • Support for over 50 languages
  • Translation of entire documents or individual sentences
  • Also in real-time, e.g., for live subtitles or simultaneous translation
Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Individual recommendations based on user behavior
  • Cross-selling and up-selling potential
  • Increase in conversion rates and customer satisfaction
Automation of Repetitive Tasks
  • Collection, preparation and maintenance of data
  • Support with invoicing and order processing
  • Automatic quality control and error detection
Intelligent Search Functions
  • Significantly improved search results by capturing search intent
  • Suitable suggestions for refining the search
Interactive Advisors and Trainers
  • Digital assistants for clearly defined tasks
  • Training new employees, supporting processes
  • Knowledge transfer based on stored information
Programming and Operation Assistant
  • Assistance for software developers
  • Support for using well-documented software
Intelligent Surveys and Interviews
  • Possibility for follow-up questions and interaction
  • Automatic evaluation and summary of results
  • Scalable for thousands of participants
Automatic Image Analysis
  • Generation of descriptions and tags for images
  • Categorization of image content
  • Simplified search and organization of large image collections
Flexible Database Queries
  • Access via natural language instead of rigid SQL queries
  • Adaptation of the query based on current information needs
  • Preparation of results in the desired format
Automatic Content Moderation
  • Detection of spam, hate speech, fake news
  • Ensuring compliance with community guidelines
  • Relieving human moderators

It's that simple

  1. Share your requirements with us as a JSON Schema (or in a call), along with one or two examples of the desired input/output
  2. Provide supplementary data as CSV or JSONL, if necessary
  3. Give us access to some of your own APIs, if necessary
  4. We develop an optimized AI architecture and create an API endpoint for you (chatbots are possible, too)

Your advantages with DAIF

  • Development is 100% free (at CHF 200 per month minimum purchase, monthly cancellation period)
  • Full cost transparency through fixed prices per API request or flatrate (depends on use case)
  • Always state-of-the-art by using the best LLMs in the background
  • Usable even for sensitive data, thanks to EU/CH hosting and our "no logs"-option
  • Tailored AI architecture for your specific use case
  • Easy integration via WebSocket API

Ready to ring in the AI future of your company? Then write to us now and arrange a video call with us! We'll be happy to show you what's possible with DAIF.